Why believe in others – great clip by Viktor Frankl

rare & moving clip of Viktor Frankl on the most important #gift we can #give

Victor frankl – speech in 1972

16pc of students at a university  – quoted their main goal as to make a lot of money
76pc of people said main goal was to find a meaning and purpose to their lives 
“Excuse me in speaking in a marvellous accent without the slightest English”
Victor drew a Graph if you have a goal and go from a-b – and there is a headwind – you will drift – and head south – so you need to aim north of a goal and do some crabbing !!!! 
Similarly to man – he suggests!
We have to be idealistic and promote man to what we think he should be – and then he will probably become what he truly is .
If we take man as he is, we make him worse – if we take man as he should be – we make him capable if whet he can be! 
Shoot for the stars – you will then get to where you want to be
So it is key to recognise mans search for meaning – find that spark – that passion – illicit it from him and you will make that person capable of what he can be!! 



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