“The Coolest Marathon on Earth”

By Eric Heine Director 

National Windscreens

It has taken me nearly 30 years of continuous  running , 24 consecutive Melbourne Marathons and  89 in total  to prove the saying “the older one gets, the slower one becomes “ is not true. 

I have just completed running the polar circle marathon in Greenland with my 29 year old son , Ronen (his first full  marathon ) and my  adventurous running partner Dr Julian Sack.

After entering this marathon in the 59-65 age group and finishing in a respectable time of just over 5 hours.

I came 1st in my age group This has never happened before !

Now here is my point. I had to go to the most remote place on Earth to achieve this as there were no other runners in my age group  who had entered, confirming the saying the” older one becomes , the wiser he gets”, might just be true, but not in my case .
The moral of the story is, do not put yourself down, but rather adjust your options to experience other  magnificent wonders of this world. You  will then be able to achieve any of your goals. 

“Adjusting to old age means adjusting to a healthier life”   




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