Small Business Under attack – Government looking to remove Export Grants and Support Innovation

Grants such as  Commercialisation Australia and the Export Market Development Grant, which are already suffering funding issues, are under threat of being axed.
Wayne Swan announced a freeze on federal grants on Monday as it races to arrest a drop in revenue, due to a 37% drop iin Iron Ore prices. 
Is the Government going to kill a programme that generates $12 of revenue for every $1 of Government support to increase revenue?  Government should encourage more exports and increase support for Innovative Exporters.. Specifically Small Business!!
Killing these Grants will have a significant detrimental effect on innovative Small Businesses who have an export focus and use the EMDG to play on a Level Palying Field. More funding is needed at a time like this.
Pulling support of SME’s Government Innovation and Export Programmes , with a rising Dollar and a Flat World Economy is not the solution to build a robust economy!



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