Outstanding Property Opportunity Inner West

Introducing the Marrickville Apartments

An Inner West property has just become available which I believe is excellent value to the Ark Investor.

The Investor puts 10% down now… and the balance in 18 months – (which can be funded from super and gearing or negatively geared for high income earners).

• 1 bedder $450k, no stamp duty – est. rent for $450 per week

• 2 bedder $600k – no stamp duty – est. rent for $600 per week…

There are about 20 of the 100 units that we believe are grossly underpriced, as all units are priced at under $600k to avoid stamp duty and the 20 are substantially larger (100m2)

This looks to be a great investment.

Click here to register your interest, and an Ark Adviser will call you to discuss the opportunity in more detail.

Click Here for  a detailed review of the opportunity.




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