Linkedin recognises the importance of Learning by creating Linkedin Learning

Linkedin ceo jeff weiner

Matt Weinberger/Business Insider

Today, LinkedIn has launched LinkedIn Learning — taking its $1.5b www.lynda.com acquisition in 2015.

The idea, says LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, is to help its 433 million-plus members get the skills they need to stay relevant in a world that’s increasingly reliant on digital skills, robotics and automation.

“It’s increasingly important that we can provide a just-in-time, always on learning platform,” Weiner says.

The new product combines the Lynda.com classes with LinkedIn’s social network. If you find a job you want on LinkedIn, for instance, you can pull up a pre-determined list of recommended classes that will help teach you the skills you’d need to apply. Once you’ve cleared the course, you can add it to your profile so you look better to potential employers.




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