Is your employee engaged and inspired?

We all know that an engaged, inspired and connected workforce will provide inspiring results! 

A 2013 Gallup survey found just 13pc of employees are engaged at work – working with passion,being inspired and connected and wanting to go beyond! 

They go on to say that a few are actively sabotaging the company – being actively disengaged and undermining the company.
A new Gallup poll in April 2015 states that it is mostly the fault of managers who account for 70pc of the variance in employment engagement scores across us businesses.
This is a good thing …. Because if you know where the problem lies – you can find the solution.
Why are the tools and processes we can use to inspire, connect, train and engage managers – who shave the motivation authority and desire to inspire, motivate, engage and connect their teams.
We are going through this process at BSI, with all indications boding well for an exciting, inspiring journey to 2020



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