I can absolutely relate to this conversation…. Can you?

I received this from My daughter Heidi, who is currently travelling in India – she saw this and said that this conversation reminded her of me!!!

She knows me pretty well!

The YES and NO Selves

Imagine a mental conversation between the different selves inside you: the self that wants to grow and develop (GD) and the opposite side that wants to stay the same (SS). 

 The conversation might sound something like this:

GD: You said that you would exercise three times a week!
SS: Yeah, but tomorrow is a good day to start.
GD: There is no place like the present.
SS: You need your sleep!
GD: Do what you said you would do!
SS: It’s raining outside. I could catch a cold. Better go back to sleep.
GD: You’re going to put on weight if you don’t exercise.
SS: One day won’t matter. I can easily start tomorrow.
GD: Always tomorrow! That’s what you do, you delay the process.
SS: I need to have energy to exercise. I have no energy today.
GD: You’re becoming a couch potato!
SS: I’ll get around to it, but today I need my rest.
GD: There you go making promises and not sticking to them.
SS: If I push myself too hard I’ll only rebel. I need space.
GD: I simply can’t trust you to do what you say!
SS:  I’ll get around to it, but today is just not the right day to start. Perhaps tomorrow.




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