"Have to" to "get to"

From William Morton 

I’d like to turn around Australian culture, to replace the phrases “We can’t do it” & “We can’t compete” with “What can we do next”, “How can we do it” & “Let’s do it now!”. In the very best egalitarian spirit “Opportunity for All. In anything We want to do” – no restrictions, no picking winners, no telling business/the population what markets & products they should be in. Instead of too easily vilifying people who do & try to do, let’s honour them instead – as they are trying to make a better future. We need to move from finding excuses for why an initiative should fail to finding ways to make it a success. And to do this with boundless enthusiasm & effort. To move away from “closet” people who don’t help one another (only their mates) to a people who do extraordinary things by growing powerful networks, while retaining the very best ethos of the Australian Way of Life.

Australian’s should feel free to say “I want to leave a Mark – Make this a better place because of what I did”.




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