Gems from the 1st Session of the BSI Mastermind Groups on Leadership

The first of 8 leadership Mastermind Groups – based on John Maxwell’s irrefutable laws of leadership, facilitated by Ivan Ang were held this week at our city offices. Looking forward to the next 7!!

Some Gems that came out of the session:-

• Leaders create a vision in which others can believe and want to follow, They inspire, motivate and guide others to reach the set goals – be it change, innovation, growth or Canai (Constant and Never ending improvement)

• Words that came to mind when identifying leadership traits – Great communicators, respect, integrity, honesty, vision, inspiration, passion, sense of humour, take responsibility, confidence, be able to do it – demonstate the product or service of the organization.

• Leadership skills can be nurtured – very few have the natural ability. Leadership is something that one learns. The more laws that you learn and master, the better leader you will become.

• Leadership is the ability to Influence – nothing more – nothing less!

• An organization will not grow beyond the leadership capability of the leader… (The Law of the Lid!). If the leaders lid expands and rises, so will the company. We went round the room, and each person rated themselves as leaders… there was definitely room for improvement with all of us to become better leaders.

  •  A great example was the Macdonald Brothers – had 3 great restaurants – and they couldnt grow it beyond the 3 brilliant restaurants they had (their genius being the speed of delivery of the hamburger to the customer). It was Ray Krok that saw the global potential, and bought the business for $2.7m and took Mcdonalds Global.

• There are certain myths of leadership!

  •  Great managers – don’t necessarily mean that they are great leaders…. Both are fundamental to a business, however there could be major constraints when a great manager who is not a leader – takes oer a leadership role.
  •  Entrepreneurs don’t necessary make great leaders – although they may have a great ability to start a business – or have a great product that they have developed, they may not have the skills to influence a team
  •  The knowledge myth – People with high IQ’s don’t necessarily make great leaders.

•  There was an amazing sense of collaboration and a will to assist each other in each of the groups. Am looking forward to the next 8 weeks!

If you would like to be part of a mastermind group, feel free to register by clicking here

It would be great for those who had other insites on leadership to add to this:-




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