Apple – Values at the Core – great video on leadership and values – Thanks Steve Jobs

How Steve Jobs inspired his team – in his shorts!! An amazing leader

  • “Apple – who is Apple and what do we stand for? Apples CORE VALUES is that people with passion can change the world today… it honours the innovators – the crazy ones””People with passion can change the world for the better.”
  • “People that are crazy enough to believe they can change the world for the better actually do, “
  • ” It’s the people who think differently who make a difference! The “crazy ones,” the misfits”
  • “it’s not about the product – its the way the brand makes you feel – we sell boxes and we do that well – but that is not who we are”
  • “even a great brand needs investment and vitality if it is going to maintain its relevance”
  • “Nike sells a commodity – it sells shoes, but when you think of nike, you feel something different than a shoe company – you FEEL power, fitness, freedom – you feel its values – how did they do this? They honour great athletes and they honour great athletics”



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