Adlogic Expands SOftware Platform

Adlogic solves a pain of a recruitment or an HR Management, with a unique way to place an ad for a candidate once into multiple job boards. This has morphed into an end to end recruitment platform  called MyRecruitment+. 

CEO Anwar Khalil said the company’s flagship multi-posting platform, Adlogic, now formed one part of a four-pronged offering, which also included application processing, client and contact management, and a candidate database. 

Khalil told Shortlist the move was part of the company’s growth strategy, and was driven by client demand. 

“We are still 100% committed to integrating… Adlogic with other recruitment software providers – nothing at all has changed on this front, nor do we have any plans to change our position on supporting and complementing other recruitment management systems out there – it’s up to the client.” 




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