5 Pointers to help you create you Unique Selling Proposition

Your uniqueness separates you from competitors in the minds of customers. How does your service or product better service your client than anyone else?

Identify your Unique Sales Proposition (USP)  or “Point of Difference” from the customers perspective.

Give them a compelling reason to buy!

It goes without saying that you need to have as a standard minimum, a great product or service, and a story of how your product or service is special and why your customer should trust you.
5 Pointers to help you create  and promote your Unique Sales Proposition
  1. Identify your target customers            
  2. What customers pain do you solve?
  3. List three customer benefits by using your product or service. (from the clients perspective)
  4. Are any of these benefits unique or better than your competitors;
  5. Make a list of the ways to communicate and promote what makes you unique eg, website, brochures, emarketing, webinars, events, seminars,  on-hold messages.

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