15 insider tips for increasing self-confidence and building connections wherever you are on your journey

  1. Listen to your inner voice and take note of the things that ignite your zest for life.
  2. Focus: keep your eyes on the prize, however you define it.
  3. Keep learning and challenging yourself.
  4. Create your own tomorrows: don’t wait for someone to tap you on the shoulder. Ask for what you want.
  5. Celebrate your successes.
  6. Push through your fears.
  7. View failures as a springboard to propel you even further.
  8. Always look ahead, behind, up, down and sideways: you never know where the next opportunity will come from.
  9. Reflect rather than react, strategize rather than “stew.”
  10. Network, network, network – and then network some more: inside your organization, within your industry, across your community, etc.
  11. Always hire people smarter than you.
  12. Never apologize for your greatness.
  13. Don’t take things personally and let go of the negative swirl.
  14. Feel free to change your mind – often.
  15. Have a Plan B, C and D: don’t let life catch you unprepared.



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