10 Tips for sing computers and digital space by David Pogue of NY Times

1. Hit Space bar to scroll down one page
2. On a form when you get to state – dont open pop up… just type letter of your state over and over
3. control + to make larger control – to make smaller
4. Space bar twice to put full stop and
5. Hit call button for last #
6. call and leave a message – instructions… just press # to cut out message and get to the beep. (different by caller)
7.  Google – dictionary – definition or fa database, unit or currency conversion
8. Highlight a word – dont drag… just double click the word – can just type over it to delete
9 Shutterlag of camera… press halfway… and then press
10. press B to black out slide then b again to take you back – or w to white out, then again to unwhite.




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